Dawn Patrol…

Waking to a dark room, I positioned my head near the window. Did the snow stop? Would it be a clear morning? If it was clear, I would be off to sunrise. If it was socked in, it would be a bit more challenging to find my morning motivation. Twinkling stars gave me my answer. I collected my gear, put on layers, and poured a cup of gifted Rooibos tea. A few minutes later, my tail-lights disappeared down the driveway.

Driving slow up the snow covered road, I watched eagerly as the civil twilight illuminated the ridge above me. The trailhead came into view. With little time to waste, I grabbed my pack and began breaking trail. My legs burned on the 800 foot climb. Moving swiftly, I didn’t stop to give my legs or lungs a break - I kept climbing.

I made it to the tower with a few minutes to spare. The entire world around me glowed with anticipation. I capture the scene and then redirected my attention to the east. The colors around me continued to amplify. 

Cold, alone, and grinning ear to ear - I watched the new day come to life.

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