Down the mountain…

Nantahala National Forest___Overcast/Cool___6:22PM

I rested patiently on Cliff Tops, waiting for the morning sun to spread it’s light across Sugarland Moutain. I was the only one there - not even the red fox wanted to break fresh trail toward the rocky ledge that I know stood. My face felt stiff from the single digit temperatures and strong winds. My last day on Mt. Le Conte could only be spent the same way as my first, by seeing the mountain in it’s entirety 

It didn’t take long for the sun’s rays to attack the ridge in front me. Moved by the potent glow, I began thinking about blogging after caretaking. Was I prepared to share my life off the mountain? Would anyone care to read it, anyway? As usual, I considered the questions but chose not to dwell too long on the unknown things of life. I decided that I would share my continued affairs with life - with mountains. At best, folks could garnish vicarious hints from the life I choose to live each day. At worst, I’ll continue to be given the cathartic benefits of transforming thoughts into words.

The afternoon light faded as I walked into the Rainbow Falls trailhead. Taking the long route back down the mountain, I had savored the walk down. My gear fit snug in the back of my vehicle. With nothing else to say or do - I put Mt. Le Conte in the rearview. I was on my way…

…to Nantahala.

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