Out and About

I checked the weather gauge; the temperature had suddenly dropped eight degrees. With the temperature drop came a frozen dragon’s breath - flash frosting everything in site. Gazing out of the kitchen window, I noticed pieces of blue sky peaking through the arctic mist. Camera in hand, I closed the door behind me and sauntered into the frost covered landscape.

The suns golden light filtered through misty atmosphere. Everything was where it always was, every building and tree in its place; yet, the Lodge looked fresh to my eyes. Sauntering up the main corridor, I couldn’t get over the novelty of the Lodge and all of its small cabins. I smiled with every photo that I took. My tour continued.

My feet took me to the perimeter of the campus. Naturally, my route continued around the perimeter. The mountain was at a unique stage - maybe that’s why it felt so new. The kiss of frost was just enough to add contrast to the golden grasses and deep green evergreens. If the temperature continued to drop, the mountain would be totally white by morning. I would see it again with fresh eyes.

Down by the incinerator, I began exploring off-trail. The forest was too inviting, not to indulge. I focus in on the Ritz - the staff housing furthest west. Just before releasing the shutter, what looked to be, a frost-coated yarrow stole my attention - I obliged. The winds died down; so I decided to remake a couple of my favorite photos from last year’s caretaking season. 

Sony A6300 | Zeiss 16-70 | 50mm | f11 | 2.5” | ISO 100

Sony A6300 | Zeiss 16-70 | 16mm | f11 | 2.5” | ISO 100

I eventually decided to go back inside to warm-up. That’s usually the case when out and about. I’ll stay and wander until something begins to ache from the cold. The landscape is too mesmerizing not to stay out as long as one can. Plus, there’s always tomorrow to go out and about once again.


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