1. strength | streNG(k)TH |

    16 Jan 2019
    noun |the capacity of an object or substance to withstand great force or pressure. Disclaimer* I’m not a doctor. Though I reference some who are, I trust that you will remain responsible for your own actions, and that you will do your own research before diving into any of the

  2. form | fôrm |

    09 Jan 2019
    Final Days on the PCT. Feeling strong and in good form. form | fôrm | noun |the customary or correct method or procedure verb |shape or develop by training or discipline. Disclaimer* I’m not a doctor. Though I reference some who are, I trust that you will remain responsible for

  3. Pillars of Health

    02 Jan 2019
    Setting the kettlebell down, I laughed at how seldom it was that I shared my training and philosophies. With the New Year and its accompanying resolutions, I decided it was finally time to share my foundational practices, my Pillars of Health. These are the principles I’ve solidified along my journey…

  4. An Afternoon Out

    26 Dec 2018
    I stepped outside on my way to the kitchen. It was still dark. It’s always dark when I start my day. The mountain continued to drip from a heavy day of rain. Stopping by the weather instruments - the gauge showed two inches of precipitation. My gaze met the black…

  5. Settled In

    12 Dec 2018
    The roads have been closed for three days now. I think the closure is what I finally needed to feel settled in for the season. Each day is coming together with a clear head and without worry. It takes a week or two for the mind to quiet down once…

  6. Not all Golden Light

    05 Dec 2018
    The wind continues to howl, as it has for fifteen hours now. Tucked away in this cedar clad kingdom, I let myself dwell for a moment on the existence I’ve come to live. Beautiful sunrises, solitude by the handful, and five-hundred thousand acres of National Park playground at my finger…

  7. Out and About

    27 Nov 2018
    I checked the weather gauge; the temperature had suddenly dropped eight degrees. With the temperature drop came a frozen dragon’s breath - flash frosting everything in site. Gazing out of the kitchen window, I noticed pieces of blue sky peaking through the arctic mist. Camera in hand, I closed the…

  8. A Caretaker Returns

    20 Nov 2018
    Looking down at my feet, I can’t help but wonder where they’ve taken me - where they’ll soon take me again. Like a smooth long run in the mountains, the days of summer seemed to slip away with the miles; and like any run in the mountains, the outcomes were…

  9. SALT: Part Three

    10 Jul 2018
    Southern Appalachian Loop Trail: Part 3 Leaving Brevard, Leah and I hiked local mountain trails until we arrived to the Mountains to Sea Trail. The MST was our link to the Great Smoky Mountains. After a series of adventures, we climbed toward Clingmans Dome and our reunion with the Appalachian…

  10. SALT: Part Two

    06 Jul 2018
    With the first four days in the books, Leah and I  continued hiking south toward the Chattooga River. Once there, we connected with the Southern Foothills Trail. Following the SFT east we explored steep gorges filled with incredible waterfalls and realized the physical challenges of using the Hi-lo Method for…

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